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Testing the Laundry

We are traveling light on this trip, hoping to keep our bags at 35 pounds or less, so that means a only a few pieces of clothes in our wardrobe. This will require more laundry to be done on a … Continue reading

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We are moving the merchandise around here, selling off anything that won’t fit in a carry-on bag… in other words, everything. Want to buy a house with old world charm and modern amenities? Give us a call.

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Next Stop: Vaccination

According to the CDC, given our itinerary we should watch out for: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, malaria, polio, dengue, filariasis (sounds dirty), leishmaniasis (sounds painful), plague, tickborne encephalitis, H5N1, schistosomiasis (fun to say), leptospirosis (not as fun to say), tuberculosis, diphtheria… and… … Continue reading

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Mapping out the map

We had a high level executive meeting this weekend (aka Karen and I sat around the dining room table) regarding our itinerary. Looks like it’s settled: start the trip in September 2011 in NZ/Australia and work our way west, winding … Continue reading

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Day One

So many Day Ones. The first day sketching out an itinerary. The first day with the newly-purchased pack. And now the first test post on our blog.

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