One Year Ago Today… in a Malaysian Hospital

Heaven on earth: the first class room

Our travels in Malaysia famously included me spending a few days in a Malaysian hospital, about which I’ve written at length.

Reviewing photos and video on the hard drive, I realized that my medical misadventures occurred this time last year. Here’s some never-before-seen video footage from exactly one year ago today. Ah, the memories.

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3 Responses to One Year Ago Today… in a Malaysian Hospital

  1. Margaret Trissel says:

    I had my outpatient procedure last Tuesday…in the US…God bless the US hospitals and caregivers!!! But so glad you had your Dr Karen to oversee your care in Malaysia…yikes…

  2. Jerry Schneider says:

    Ah yes, I remember. ..A story so well told it made ME sick:) Happier Holidays this time around I presume.

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