Wow, Wow, Wow

Finally, I got to visit the Grand Canyon, just the second most visited park in the National Park system!

We worked through the busy crowds on the shuttle buses and trails, always enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Every turn made me say, “wow, wow, wow.” Yes, at least three wows.

Though we contemplated a rim to rim hike, we kept it easy on our visit inside the canyon. Soaking in about 60 degree temps, we hiked six miles total on the Bright Angel Trail and wondered how anyone would do such a hike in the boiling heat of summer? Tom Mortonson and Dee Braaksma… you kids are crazy.

It just so happens that Ken’s parents and Aunt Pat and Uncle Phil are also traveling in the Southwest, and our paths crossed on the South Rim. They treated us to an anniversary dinner, and we swapped road stories. Thanks, Schellins and DeCabooters!

I truly encourage you to visit the Grand Canyon at least once in your life. You too will wow, wow, wow.

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  1. Margaret Trissel says:

    Yep…WOW, WOW, WOW! Love the GC….although the last time I was there was on our honeymoon…nearly 30 yrs ago! Still wonderful to recall…Love the smell of the air out there…I remember that so vividly. Our visit was in June…but with the lower humidity, and youth, the hiking was do-able. So glad you were able to witness this wonderful creation.

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