Mile-High Meetup

Once upon a time, a Couchsurfer named Rahim stayed at our house in Milwaukee. We kept in touch with him as we toured Asia and even met his sister in Malaysia. Now, we finally have the chance to see him again, meet his girlfriend Elizabeth, and crash at their place in Denver’s hip Berkeley neighborhood.

We sampled some microbrews, walked around downtown, and enjoyed lunch at Food Truck Thursday.

Hiking around Red Rocks Amphitheater, we were truly impressed with this music venue and the beautiful surroundings.

Catching up with friends makes traveling so much sweeter.

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2 Responses to Mile-High Meetup

  1. Margaret Trissel says:

    Nearing lunchtime…I should NOT have looked at your pics!!!! I want to learn to make bibimbap! (sp?)

    • Karen says:

      Margaret, I’ll teach you when we get home. It’s super easy (just many steps) and very tasty. Really, my favorite dish in the whole world!

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