Goodbye China, Hello USA.

Thanks for bearing with us as we finally got China onto the blog (I’m still working on the much-anticipated toilet video, coming soon).

Now, back to realtime: we have begun our road trip through the Great American Southwest. Astute readers may have noticed that Photo of the Day and Where Are We are back up and running. National Park-infused posts are on the way.

Join us in the USA!

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4 Responses to Goodbye China, Hello USA.

  1. Margaret Trissel says:

    anxiously awaiting the potty presentation…!

    Have a blast out West!

  2. Pam says:

    Well, I’m happy to see 2 things:
    #1 – that you got to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods ~ very calming, isn’t it??
    #2 – that you found some “drinking buddies” in Denver. Makes us feel a little bit better, like we’re not the ONLY ones! ha ha 🙂

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