The Amazing Adventures of Infrastructure Man

Most of the time, he’s a mild-mannered mechanical engineer. But when he travels, he is Infrastructure Man, aka our buddy Chris. As we learned on our Peru trip, he’s got a soft spot for exposed wiring, oddball building materials, and ductwork of any kind.

For Chris, China is paradise. Decades-old pipes here, a half-finished skyscraper there. He keeps falling behind, and we catch him salivating over scenes like this, in Hong Kong.

I have my art museums. Karen has her food markets. Angie has her film archives. If only there were a museum for people like Chris.

We thought we had found one in Hong Kong…

Then Shanghai…

Then Beijing…

Look! Up there! Over there! Infrastructure is everywhere.

And where there is infrastructure, Infrastructure Man can’t be far away.

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  1. Chris miller says:

    Awesome. Thanks

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