Then There Were Four

We were walking through the park one day, in Hong Kong in the month of May…

OK, maybe this encounter wasn’t all that amazing, considering we’ve been planning it for three years. Chris and Angie joined Karen and me in Peru in 2009, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

We had such a good time drinking pisco sours and eating cuy that we’ve been looking for another chance to meet up ever since. When I sent them the rough draft of our itinerary, I thought for sure they’d choose Cambodia and Angkor Wat, but the answer came back loud and clear: China.

Next Stop: World will be a foursome for the next three weeks, as we explore Hong Kong and then head to the mainland. But first, lunch.

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One Response to Then There Were Four

  1. Margaret Trissel says:

    Pig liver and black fungus…well, yeah! The 2 obvious choices!!

    loving China thus far…

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