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One Year Changes Everything

One year ago- August 29, 2011- we boarded a flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo and began our long-anticipated world tour. We couldn’t have dreamt how it would turn out. Originally, we thought we’d spend August 29, 2012 somewhere in Croatia. … Continue reading

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The Next Stop: World Fan Club

They lurk on the fringes of the cyber world. Disembodied names, turning up again and again in the comments on our blog. They are… our groupies. You see, our blog doesn’t just connect us with family and friends. Once news … Continue reading

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The Sweet Smell of Excess

If the US is too bright for Karen, it’s just too much for me. Sure, we all know that the US is a land of excess. One person commuting to work in a Humvee. Four-thousand-dollar dog weddings. Would you like … Continue reading

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A Place of Our Own

Imagine spending nine months of your life constantly looking for somewhere to sleep. Yeah, not so easy. Thankfully, this didn’t continue when we came home to Milwaukee to rest. We had many friends offer to let us rest our heads … Continue reading

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Carless in Milwaukee

We weren’t expecting to be back in Milwaukee this summer, so we sort of, well, sold almost everything we owned: our house, both our cars, our TV, our couch. We have a roof over our heads thanks to the generosity … Continue reading

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The US is So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Blame it on the 12-hour, overnight flight from Beijing. Perhaps the six days spent in the hazy capital prior to leaving. Or the plane, darkened to encourage sleep, filled with black-haired Chinese flyers. After being away from the US for … Continue reading

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Next Stop: Home

We’re still working on the words and images from our travels in China, so the blog is time-warping back to the USA for a while. On June 5, 2012, we hopped from Beijing to Seattle to Minneapolis to Milwaukee (aka … Continue reading

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Reflections on Nepal

“Madam, are you happy today?” asked the tour guide who had been stalking me for the last ten minutes. Standing in Durbar Square in the tourist city Bhaktapur, this is no strange occurrence. Yet a “no” or an “I’m not … Continue reading

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