Leila’s World

One of our favorite things about spending time in The Bubble was getting to know four-year-old Leila.

This is one worldly kid. She has hiked in the Himalayas. When she’s told that she’ll be trying a Korean dish called bibimbap at dinner tonight, she doesn’t flinch. After all, she has a Korean friend in her class at the international school. What’s “foreign” to a child who has already lived on three continents?

Most of all, she’s a happy, energetic, fun kid. Here’s a glimpse into Leila’s world:

We mustn’t forget the other young resident of this household. As a bonus, here’s a glimpse into Taji’s world:

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4 Responses to Leila’s World

  1. Miriam Meeks says:

    Karen and Ken, thank you for showing us the world of our granddaughter! She is so far away and we aren’t able to go and see her. I have watched it so many times. The trouble is that is has brought a tear to my eyes each time. We miss all of them.

  2. Karen says:

    You are so welcome Bibi. Thank you for producing excellent children, who produce super fun kids. 😉 Seriously, she is a doll.

  3. Erica says:

    These videos are amazing, I LOVE THEM!!!!! Next Stop World can stop in to our Bubble anytime!

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