That’s Using Your Head: Dabbawala Edition

Speaking of carrying things on your head, the dabbawalas of Mumbai are definitely in the running for the head-hauling crown.

Every weekday, they deliver more than 175,000 tiffins (containers of hot food) to office workers at lunchtime. In Indians’ never-ending quest to do things in the most surprising way possible, the dabbawalas carry the tiffins on their heads, sort them (in the middle of a busy street, of course), and deliver them with stunning accuracy.

To quote

Forbes Magazine awarded its Six Sigma certification in 2001 to the Dabbawalas based on a 99.999999 percent delivery accuracy rate (1 error for every 16 million transactions).

The dabbawalas have also been certified ISO 9001:2000. Now that’s using your head!

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