Mainland Madness

We interrupt our India coverage with this China News Update. Today, we left the comforts of Hong Kong behind and hopped to the mainland… a magical place where Facebook and YouTube are blocked. The Facebook workaround that our friend Sherilyn sent doesn’t work either.

Does not compute...

If you know of an alternate way to access FB from China, lay it on us. Otherwise, Karen will just play word games for the next two weeks (Words With Friends still works). Actually, it will be interesting to live in an Facebook-free world for a while.

Stay in touch… by commenting on the blog (we won’t see comments left on FB). Xie xie!

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3 Responses to Mainland Madness

  1. Dongjin says:

    Hi Guys,
    Enjoys the retro style! It is worth it once in a while. It will also give me a chance to catch up the archives. You guys revolve around the globe too fast!
    Stay cool at the South and healthy,

  2. Betty says:

    Good luck on mainland China. The engineer or archivist can’t figure out the commnication trail? Short hand notes a must so we can hear all about it at the end.

    • Ken says:

      With the four of us putting our heads together, we can accomplish anything (or have a good time failing). We made it through Shanghai and are now heading for the countryside, though still on the tourist trail. Stay tuned!

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