Conquering Khao Sok

After scuba diving, snorkeling, and turtle releasing, we still had a few days before our flight to India. Karen and I decided to head for a nearby national park. Unfortunately, Karen’s last meal in Khao Lak went to war with her stomach- we suspect it was the mayo on her hamburger. Why does every hamburger in Southeast Asia have mayo on it? If you find out, let us know.

Luckily, Karen made it through the 2-hour bus ride to Khao Sok National Park before unleashing a visually-spectacular puking performance in the hotel bathroom. Sorry, there’s no video. But it was truly a tour de force.

Karen after the show

Needless to say, I was on my own for a while. Reading about the magnificent karst formations in the park brought back memories of spending my birthday in Spain’s karst country a couple years ago.

Karst Ken

So I signed up for a boating/hiking/caving adventure. Yeah, all that in one day…

For the record, in the subsequent sunny days, Karen recovered… and so did my shoes.

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7 Responses to Conquering Khao Sok

  1. Scott Schroeder says:

    Perhaps the mayo is to cover up the fact that they aren’t really hamburgers but are some form of mystery meat. I had a mystery burger in Barbatos once with the same reaction. I think it might have been aged goat meat. I chose to have all the rest of my meals on the ship after that.

    • Karen says:

      The meat was very suspect as well. It was a very dark restaurant, so could not see my food well. I have eaten little meat since then. Some bites here and there. No burgers! Losing weight this way too. Sheesh!

  2. Jennifer Rice says:

    I am so glad you recovered. I will make you a real burger with no mayo when you get back.

  3. Steve Gruszecki says:

    Only 1 Pair of Shoes ? ? ? and their always wet ? …and your tracking through leach infested areas, and caves with Spiders and Bats ? Wow your a bigger man than I and how Karen has restrained herself from strangling you is truly amazing. Can’t wait to see you guys! Be safe.

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