We’ll Have The, Um, Whatever That Is

Sometimes language fails us… but we still gotta eat!

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3 Responses to We’ll Have The, Um, Whatever That Is

  1. Margaret Trissel says:

    Have any of your meals bugged your tummies?? Just curious…and do you stick with bottled water or liquids?
    Safe travels!!!!

    • Karen says:

      Oh yeah, the stomach troubles began a few weeks back. I got hit at the end of Thailand, down for two days, thanks to a crappy burger. Then we both have been sick in India, perhaps some sketchy Lassi? And Ken just recovered from a stomach bug in Nepal. Good times!

      We drink bottled water and soft drinks. Sometimes we drink tap water, treated with iodine.

      • Margaret Trissel says:

        Maybe your general immunity will increase as your travel time lengthens!!! Hope so!! You both still look healthy in the videos, though…stay well.

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