The First Non-Annual Readers’ Choice Awards

As we celebrate seven months on the dusty road, we want to hear from YOU, dear reader. What’s the best stuff on our blog? In the comments below, please let us know your favorite…

• Video clip

• Photo

• Critter


• Written entry

It’s a good time for us to look back on our travels, and we’d love to hear about what caught your eye along the way. If you vaguely recall something from the distant past, use the search bar in the upper right of the page to find it.

Let’s hear it: what’s the best of Next Stop: World?

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15 Responses to The First Non-Annual Readers’ Choice Awards

  1. Terri says:

    Ok, you’ve asked for the impossible but after 7 months on the road you deserve for me to at least try to choose the best stuff, or the best stuff in my opinion anyway. I just can’t put too much thought into this or I will never be able to do it. As I think back on your posts, here are the highlights I remember most fondly:
    Video Clip: Smallest. Hotel Room. Ever.
    Photo: Nice Buns. You have given us breathtaking photos that I will want to revisit, but I just can’t get those Cambodian motorbikes out of my head, lol.
    Critters: The elephants being fed and washed in Thailand!!
    Written Entry: Loved reading about your time with the Japanese family you connected with via couch surfers.
    Looking forward to reading other nominations….

  2. Phil says:

    Liked all of your commentary. Old ruins are probably the mental images that stuck with me. I’ve certainly been interested in your regular posts. Probably what I check for the most whenever I open up my Facebook account. Living the travel adventures vicariously.

  3. Margaret Trissel says:

    I have enjoyed the videos showing your experiences…the commentaries are always entertaining, and the subjects show me your every-day experiences…even the toilets! I can’t say that I want to go to some of the places you’ve been, but you’ve given us the real-world experience of these parts of the world.

  4. Katie says:

    Well, the most recent thing that sticks out in my mind is the fish that exfoliate your feet because I just watched it! Oh and the cane juice during your bike tour. Keep ’em coming. Can’t wait to see you guys again in June!

  5. Scott Schroeder says:

    It was all the BEST. I loved all of it.

  6. Todd says:

    While I don’t have specific examples, I really enjoy the written impressions you share of your visits to historically important locations. It’s one thing to READ about it in a long ago history class, or watch it in a documentary format, but your personal reflections really allow your readers (at least me) to BE there with you!

    You both do such an incredible job! Enjoy your well-deserved sabatical back home!

  7. Jerry Schneider says:

    Best documentary – Ken’s illness in Malayisa. Told so well that it made me sick just reading it.

    Best comedy series – The toilet series. Everybody likes a little toilet humor now and then.

    Best photo essay – Motorbikes in Cambodia. Great captions.


  8. Henry o says:

    I liked when you went to see Dame Edna’s family home in Moonie Ponds.

  9. Tom Mortonson says:

    Your Cambodia experience has stuck with me the most, in particular the video clips of you riding your bikes quite a few miles along that road. I think that video best represents you being completely immersed in the life of exploring new places – including the ordinary. Every tourist goes to the big temples and cities, but not enough tourists take an interest in absorbing the flavor of ordinary life of a country/region. Probably because it’s harder work and doesn’t always result in a postcard experience – which your bicycle ride illustrated perfectly.

    To that end, my favorite picture is one with you guys sitting on a wood floor with the group of Cambodian family/friends as part of their celebration…a great example of trying to experience the ordinary within their culture.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Tom. That is one of my fondest memories of our trip so far. Even with the heat and sleeping on a wood floor! Being a tourist is the hardest part of travel. Just being in a different person’s world is much easier.

  10. Leian says:

    Hey guys,
    It has been a long time since I posted. I just caught up with your posts from February & March. I can see how you might be a little homesick and tired… good that you’re going to take a breather and come home during the best months of the year. It is really hard to select favorites, but I’d have to say the OGO video clip was hilarious.

    Continue to travel safe and take care!

  11. Leian says:

    Oh, and the toilets, too!

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