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Hey Lady!

Every tourist in Cambodia will be able to recite the following phrases within about 3 days of being in the country. The touts probably learn all these lines at seller’s school (we saw a sign promoting the classes). Ready? Ready … Continue reading

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Toilets: Cambodia Edition

Our greatest challenge yet: the toilets of Cambodia.

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Cambomerican Currency

After months of dealing with currency conversion rates and attempting to run out of each currency just before we leave each country, we were surprised to see some familiar faces in Cambodia. Washington, Lincoln, Grant, Franklin- how you been? Although … Continue reading

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Karen’s Cambodian Critters

The Mighty Mekong River. Think of it as the Mississippi of Southeast Asia. This beast flows through six countries, originating in the Tibetan plateau of China and finally joining the sea at the bottom of Vietnam. It river is the … Continue reading

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Six Months of Next Stop: World

It’s been six months since a couple of young, wide-eyed kids hopped on a plane to Tokyo. Now those same travelers are hardened, world-weary shadows of their former selves. Well, actually, it’s not that bad (it just seems that way … Continue reading

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Doctor Fish, Cambodian Style

Hiking around those temples took its toll on our feet. Doctor Fish worked for me in Singapore… time to visit him her them in Siem Reap!

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Our Faraway Temple Day

On our final day with our driver, that tuk-tuk got a good workout. We strapped on our dust masks and rode well out of town, to explore the “faraway” temples- the ones further from Siem Reap. Some visual highlights from … Continue reading

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