Next Stop: Thailand

We’re making a run for the border! Well, how about a slow walk…

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3 Responses to Next Stop: Thailand

  1. Diane says:

    Thailand… My mouth is watering – my favorite cuisine. Come back with some recipes!! Let’s cook together!

    • Karen says:

      Sadly, no chance to cook in Thailand and no recipes. Thai cuisine was so-so. Best is northern cuisine in Chiang Mai. I did enjoy papaya salad, sticky rice, pomelos, ginger soup, green curries w/squash and an appetizer called Miang Kham.

      We also had a fun Thai BBQ with a group of CouchSurfers, where you cook your own foods over a small grill.

      Food around the rest of the country we visited was very dull. They dumb it down for tourists and it all tastes the same. Even pad thai on the street was boring. Sorry to disappoint. Keep enjoying EE Sane or wherever you eat Thai food!

  2. BertraNd says:

    Hello from Singapore

    Saw that you will go back to Mke for a short break,
    Good for you,
    Enjoy this time and reload the battery
    Don’t forget to try the green pepper crocodile in Thailand

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