City of Cats

The name of the city where we spent Christmas, Kuching, means “cat” in Malay. Celebrating this status of “The City of Cats” are numerous feline figures throughout town, often in the middle of roundabouts or intersections.

They range from cheesy to, well, a bit creepy.

The positioning of the cat with one paw extended is meant to invite good spirits or offer protection. It has hazy origins in Japanese legend, and indeed, we saw many paw-in-the-air cats in Japanese stores, beckoning to customers.


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2 Responses to City of Cats

  1. Dee and Wilson says:

    Meow! Woof-Woof. Wilson wants to go to Kuching!

  2. Karen says:

    I’m sure he does, but the other stray dogs may not be so kind to him. They don’t number as high as the cats and there are enough of them. Pets to Mr. Wilson from us!

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