Where are we?

Hear ye, hear ye! Announcing another new feature on Next Stop: World!

We’ve finally created a map of where we’ve been so far, which we will update as we go. Just like Photo of the Day, you can access it in the black navigation bar above.

Yes, there are a lot of dots/lines on the map (New Zealand looks like spaghetti!). Part of the map’s usefulness is reminding us where we’ve been, so we’ve included a fair amount of detail… though not every single place we’ve been.

Geez, have we really been all those places already?!


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5 Responses to Where are we?

  1. Steven Schellin says:

    This is a great addition! Love it! Nelson and I have been doing the same thing with a marker and a paper world map here at home. Don’t forget you started with a flight with Nelson and Aaron from Milwaukee to Minneapolis on August 26, followed by Karen the next day. Then spent 8/27 through 8/29 with Karen and the rest of us on a mini-adventure there, backpacks and all. I think Minneapolis to Tokyo was your longest flight so far.

  2. Jerry Schneider says:

    All I can say is WOW! after five months already

  3. Dana says:

    Would be cool if there was a “how many miles we’ve traveled” feature attached to it. But also it’s cool as is. So I guess that depends how much coolness you’re really ready to take on.

    • Karen says:

      Whew, coolness, eh? May not have room for that in the suitcase. One thing about tracking miles traveled is the guilt I may feel about all the air miles covered and all the pollution it causes. I’m trying not to think about it. How’s that for denial?


  4. Bob Gregory says:

    Very cool! You should check to see if there is a way to make the map more stylized, like the travel transitions from the first Indiana Jones film.

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