Making the newspapers back home

Our scribbles in a guestbook in New Zealand landed us in some regional Wisconsin newspapers. Small world, huh?

Reporter Mary Bergin found our entry interesting enough to track us down in Borneo, and she featured us in her column, Roads Traveled. Here’s the version of the article on her website, featuring Karen’s gallery-quality drawing of a kiwi bird.

Thanks for contacting us, Mary. It’s always great to make a connection to our peeps back in the Land of Cheese!

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4 Responses to Making the newspapers back home

  1. Kris Newman says:

    This story also appears in the Leader Telegram today. Have spent the better part of an hour catching up on your blog…. and your adventures. Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you are enjoying a blessed Christmas – wherever in the world you are!

    The Writer Blog Reader

    • Karen says:

      Thanks so much for your interest Kris and for dropping us a note! We enjoyed Christmas in Kuching, Malaysia…..with some very Americanized food. Now back to rice and noodle dishes.

      Stay in touch!


  2. Dee and Wilson says:

    Very cool. It was no coincident that she read your entry. More to come with that connect I’ll bet.

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