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Happy NYE 2 U from KS & KG in KL

We just rang in 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We hereby officially pass the baton to all of our friends west of us. Have fun!

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Next Stop: Milestone

It is four months to the day since we began Next Stop: World with a flight to Tokyo. So far we’ve been to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, museums, temples, shrines, caves, fjords, reefs, restaurants, food stalls, food markets, … Continue reading

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Merry Malaysian Christmas!

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The Green Bay-French Connection

Scientists in Singapore have discovered an unnaturally high concentration of green and gold in one local condo.

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Making the newspapers back home

Our scribbles in a guestbook in New Zealand landed us in some regional Wisconsin newspapers. Small world, huh? Reporter Mary Bergin found our entry interesting enough to track us down in Borneo, and she featured us in her column, Roads … Continue reading

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Making new friends (of friends of friends)

We have great friends back in the U.S. So many of them offered to make connections with their friends and family members around the world. Singapore offered us the chance not just to stay with one host family, but with … Continue reading

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The natural side of Singapore

Singapore is a small island country, measuring about 26 miles long by 14 miles wide. Most of the country is covered with roads, high-rise apartments, modern buildings and shopping mall after shopping mall. Thankfully, there is some green space too, … Continue reading

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How Ken Survived a Malaysian Hospital (and why Karen is up for Doctor of the Year)

The blog has been a little quiet for a couple weeks, and that’s because I’ve been in the hospital. In Malaysia. No, I wouldn’t recommend adding it to your holiday itinerary. It’s a long, drawn-out tale, and one I wanted … Continue reading

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Duchess of Kent Hospital (HKSAMH part 3)

DAY FIVE OF ILLNESS. After a night of constant fluid ingestion (and expulsion, for that matter), we returned to the hospital for a blood test. I got poked at 8:30am, then we sat around with anime cartoons blaring at us on TV … Continue reading

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Seeking Help in Sandakan (HKSAMH part 2)

DAY ONE OF ILLNESS. I had just gone from this… … to this… … in no time flat. My face felt hot and my energy was drained. I was having a great time chatting with my fellow divers from around … Continue reading

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