Things I miss (and things I don’t)

Some of the things I miss- and don’t miss- on the road.

I MISS… family and friends. Of course that’s the biggie. Thank goodness for email and Facebook, although we’ve discovered that staying “connected” electronically is no substitute for actually staying connected (no quotes). We’ll be happy to be in the same room as our family and friends… someday.

I DON’T MISS… autopilot. You know, that unconscious urge that makes you take the same route to work every day (and sometimes not remember how you got there!). It’s quite a change to wake up every morning and be deliberate, to choose what we’re going to do rather than doing it out of obligation or routine.

I MISS… autopilot. Why do we come up with the aforementioned routines? Because it’s a pain to have to make decisions about everything, all the time: what to eat, where to go, how to get there… arrggh! Luckily, Karen and I are finding ways to ease our brains, taking days off and allowing ourselves to sleep in without plans.

I DON’T MISS… driving. We’re letting a whole lot of other people shuttle us around by air, road and water. We’ve rented a car a couple times to cover specific routes, but mostly we just watch the scenery go by.

I MISS… Molly. Having a dog was a big part of our lives, and even after Molly died, we had canine visitors like Rocket and Wilson. Nowadays, it’s funny when we’re on a wine tour and spend more time playing ball with the winemaker’s dog than tasting the wine!

I MISS… movies. Prior to August 29th, my life was filled with movies. So far in our travels, theaters are expensive and the common room at the hostel is often claimed by more urgent viewing (Rugby World Cup games were non-negotiable). Not sure when I’ll get to see The Muppets… but you can see it, in U.S theaters on November 23rd and releasing internationally shortly thereafter. 

I DON’T MISS… paying bills. The mortgage, the water bill, the cable bill… you can have ’em. We streamlined our finances for this trip, and doing the books takes a few minutes online.

I MISS… friends and family. Yup, you get in there twice. We love hearing from you, so keep the comments and emails coming!

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11 Responses to Things I miss (and things I don’t)

  1. Margaret Trissel says:

    We returned from a 2 wk vaca last Thursday, and are back a week into “auto-pilot” again…I certainly can relate. There’s comfort in it, but also a cramping of one’s desire to be free, as well…Can’t imagine how the extended time of your travels would enhance those feelings! How wonderful to have each other, though. My DH is a wonderful partner in life, and in travel, so we are blessed too! Continued fun and safety together…Keep the blogs coming!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Margaret!

      Some days being together is great and some days it is a challenge. It’s a great learning and growth experience for sure!

      Where did you go on your vacation?


      • Margaret Trissel says:

        1st cruise ever, on Allure with RCI to Nassau, St Thomas, St Maarten, and then decompressed for 3 days on Miami Beach. Saw South Beach with it’s wonderful Art Deco architecture!! Loved it all, although my tan is quickly fading in the cold, Fall rain here in WI…ah, memories…Stay safe!

  2. Mary Schultz says:

    I am enjoying following your adventures. My husband & I hope to take some extended trips once we retire, 3-4 month jaunts around Europe. I envy you that you decided to do it while you were young. I know I would miss my friends & the everyday patterns of our life in Milwaukee, but I think not having my dogs around would be hardest on me. I am often guilty of paying more attention to people’s dogs instead of their children!!

  3. Karen says:

    What about missing your computer Ken?

    Some days I miss my living room lamps. The bare, compact fluorescent bulbs hanging in most hotel and hostel rooms is not pleasant and soothing like my former lamps.


  4. Terri says:

    My husband and I just got back tonight from a 9-day trip. We stayed on a barrier island off the coast of southeast Georgia (Jekyll Island) and then spent a few days at Cape Hatteras on the North Carolina Outer Banks. Great fun, wonderful memories, but even after only a week I can relate to the autopilot that you both miss and don’t miss. Glad you are building in some down time on your trip – we tried to do the same and it worked well for us. I don’t know you in “real life” but I continue to enjoy your posts and your travels. Take care and enjoy this wonderful experience.

    • Karen says:

      Sounds like a lovely time Terry. We just talked today about places we want to visit in the US when we return. Our down time tonight in rainy Fjordlands, NZ? Watching Lord of the Rings movies.


      Karen and Ken

  5. Ken says:

    Ooo, ooo, ooo, I forgot one: estimated tax payments! We always had trouble remembering to send in those darn vouchers. We won’t have any income until 2013, which is great… except that we won’t have any income until 2013.

  6. Jennifer Rice says:

    I miss you guys too but I am really enjoying your posts and videos. I keep thinking I will see you soon for our annual thanksgiving party. You will be there in spirit.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks friend! We will. I am thinking I will miss eating T-day dinner, so eat lots of stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberries for me! Hugs.

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