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8 Responses to Maxibon!

  1. John Humphriss says:

    Ken Schellin – World traveler. Corporate shill.

    I think you should demand some royalties from the Nestle Corporation for your multi-national (albeit unsolicited and unauthorized) promotion of the Maxibon / Tandem Bar. As a fellow slave to the sweet treat, I’m going to check out my local Pick ‘n Save the next time I’m out grocery shopping. Great post!

  2. Laura says:

    Uh… was the beefed up guy on the wrapper Jay Leno?

    I’ll look for one today when I shop!


  3. Rich Tadych says:

    Maxibon sounds delightful! I’ll be trying one very soon. Have you tried the tim-tam? I used to get them from a place in WA that imported them from Australia – now they are available at picknsave as well.

    Any reports on the beer down under?

    • Ken says:

      Our main report on the beer is that we’re so tired by nightfall that we go to bed early! I’ll keep my eyes open for tim-tam… always interested in a new treat.

    • Karen says:

      The beer down under was a bit of a disappointment. They drink a lot of light lagers. Yuck. I did find a brown ale that was okay. Seems there are more small breweries in NZ, so hopefully we will find a gem. Hard cider is popular down under, with some pubs having 2-3 varieties on tap.

  4. Rich Tadych says:

    If you do find a tim-tam, try this:
    1.bite off diagonal corners
    2.suck hot coffee through the tim-tam
    3.just as the coffee hits your lips, throw the whole tim-tam in your mouth
    4.enjoy the best chocolatey/coffee/cookie treat ever

    • Karen says:

      Oh, you mean the Tim Tam Slam?

      Ethan, a travel mate from the US, just told us about this. There is a grocery store right across the street. I’ll head over there when I am done on the internet.

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