Favorite Fish, Part 2

More shots from the rough footage, starting with a few glimpses of my fellow students and undersea companions. A great bunch from all over the world.

This fish was a bit camera shy. It was fun trying to keep him in frame.

A longer shot of the big boy who swam right up to us. He seemed as curious about us as we were about him. And I’m pleased to report that no one reached out and tried to grab him or anything uncouth like that.

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4 Responses to Favorite Fish, Part 2

  1. Chris Haertig says:

    I’m guessing the big boy was trying wish you a happy anniversary.

  2. anne and jay says:

    thanks for the continued updates. We’ve been enjoying all of them. so have the kids. Can’t believe you went night diving. I don’t think I’d be that brave!

  3. Dee Braaksma says:

    I have also dived in the Great Barrier Reef. The fish were amazing and the coral reminded me of the days when I was glued to the TV watching Jacques Cousteau. Thanks for the memories.

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