The Great Barrier Reef

When we arrived in Cairns, I immediately headed for scuba school… the cool kind of school where you go diving in the Great Barrier Reef on graduation day. Here’s my final report.

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  1. Steven Schellin says:

    Awesome video! Best yet and it makes me want to dive the Great Barrier Reef again. 2008 seems like so long ago, but your video brings it all back. Glad you could both enjoy it now!

  2. scott schroeder says:

    I took scuba classes while in high school. My graduation dive was in Pewaukee lake. The only thing I saw was an old outboard motor that must have fallen off a boat and a muskie and blue gills. Not quite the same. I’ve heard that there may be some sand sharks out there though. And very large carp. Thanks for living some more of my bucket list. I’m enjoying the trip so far.

    • Ken says:

      Scott, I actually got PADI certified way back in college, and our final dive was in Lannon Quarry. I think there’s a bus down there. My memory of the dive is a bit fuzzy (which is why I retook the class). Thanks for coming along on the trip!

  3. jenny Von Der Ruhr says:

    Absolutely breathtaking video. We all loved it… thanks for “taking us along” diving the Great Barrier Reef.

    • Ken says:

      My pleasure… thanks for watching. We saw some amazing shells on a coastal beach the other day, and I thought of my DePere friends. I took some pix to send to you and the gang.

  4. Jimmy Gee says:

    Why didn’t Karen (as adventurous as she is) get SCUBA certified too? Among the best diving, and on my bucket list is to dive Truk Island where there are Japanese aircraft carriers, hell, basically the whole Japaneses fleet is down there with live bombs and everything! As I understand it it was part of the Battle of the Philippine Sea, otherwise known as the “Great Mariana Turkey Shoot.”
    Well congratulations on a great dive!

    • Karen says:

      Wow, that sounds like quite a place to dive Bro! I choose not to get certified because it seems too complicated for something I am only partially interested in doing. I see all the great things while snorkeling. The main difference? I can’t take pretty pictures while the ocean swell is tossing me about up top! Oh, and the cost. Diving is not a cheap hobby!

  5. Laura says:

    I LOVED this update. Ohhhh. I miss you so much. I am so happy youa re having the time of your lives… literally! What a marvelous time you had. Your video was so beautiful. I think I oculd smell the sea watching you!

    LOVE IT!

    PS: have been thinking of you a lot, Karen, with pumpkins everywhere. This has been a gorgeous fall!

    Love, Laura and Andrew (he loved the fishies also!)

  6. Terri says:

    Amazing and incredibly beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing your trip – it’s ridiculous how much I feel I’m enjoying it along with you!

  7. Kristine Yesbeck says:

    Amazing and beautiful! I’m thankful that you are sharing these wonderful experiences with us!

  8. Margaret Trissel says:

    You get an “A”!!!!! Wonderful video!
    We’re about to snorkel for the first time ourselves…next week…
    Continued safe travels and thanks for sharing your adventure!

  9. barb Paton says:

    No thank you…….on scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef !

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