Toilets: Japan Edition

I’m sure we’ll encounter a wide variety of toilets as we circle the globe. And as your reporter in the field, I will faithfully document them. I’m filing my first story from Japan, the land of the primitive and the high-tech.

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10 Responses to Toilets: Japan Edition

  1. Dee says:

    Love the toilet piece. Which way is the water going down the drain? To the left or to the right.

  2. Gruszman says:

    Love he spot on the Western toilet in Japan. One problem with the inefficiency of washing your hand above the basis. IF it is true the water goes in the basin after you wash your hands wouldn’t those gems shoot out o f the bah-day? Would’t want any gems shooting up in that region.
    Love the reports.
    Hope all is well.

    • Ken says:

      Hmmm, interesting scatalogical question, Grusz: does the bidet water come from the tank, or is it piped in separately? Also, interesting spelling of “bidet”. Great to hear from you, and I hope all is well back in cheeseland!

  3. John Humphriss says:

    Toilet humor? Seriously? You’ve stooped that low already?? C’mon, Ken. You’re above that.

    Seriously though, enjoyable feature reporting. I can’t wait to see what you run into in some of your other destinations…lavatorially speaking, that is.

    Don’t squeeze the Charmin.


    • Karen says:

      I don’t think I will allow toilet reporting from the more challenging countries. We can all imagine that.

      • Ken says:

        We’re trying to keep it family friendly… except for me attempting to disrobe in Japan. I guess “family friendly” depends on the family.

  4. Amy says:

    Perhaps your series on toilets will be the impetus for more serious potty-training in the DurisEll house. Upon watching it, Emery started laughing & stated “Ken’s crazy potty is really, really silly!” & then asked to watch it again. I’m glad you added the shot of Karen toward the end, because Emery also voiced concern that Ken got all the potties & that Karen needed one, too. Needless to say, I look forward to future toilet tours.

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