Congrats! You are homeless!

It’s not every day you get an email with that subject line… and feel great happiness. That was the case this morning. As we slept, the final closing documents were signed on the sale of our house. The final item on our “To Do Before We Leave” list has been belatedly checked off.

I guess our home is now wherever we are. At the moment, that’s a berth on the ScubaPro II, a 22-meter yacht floating in the Great Barrier Reef. Not a bad upgrade from South 7th Street.

Thanks to everyone- including my parents, POA Don, lawyer Nancy, our neighbors and Realtors- who helped make the sale happen half a world away!

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11 Responses to Congrats! You are homeless!

  1. Pat says:

    I’m so happy for you. Now that you are out from under the house, you should have no worries from back here.

  2. Carlo Besasie says:

    Awesome!!! Film Corps West is now really REALLY west! Can you get all of us on that yacht?

  3. Pop says:

    Congrats on the sale of the house! Just wanted to let you know that there was an article in the paper on Monday that a retired mechanic gave his Snap On tools that he had from the 1950’s on to them for their museum.
    Love, Pop and Dolores

  4. Kristine says:

    Fantastic! Great news! I was just thinking about the sale of your house yesterday! I must be psychic! BTW – you are starting to get a following from UW-Whitewater as a few of my co-workers are following your blog. Glad all is well! -“Maria”

  5. Chris says:

    Way to go, guys!

  6. Kathy Ehley says:

    What good news. More than nice upgrade. Can’t wait to hear about the Great Barrier Reef.

  7. Sarah K says:

    Congrats! Finally! I wish it was before you left so that you got to experience it but it looks like POA Don captured it great!

  8. Pam says:

    soooooo happy for you to have that little “house monkey” off your plate!! woo hoo! Now the only thing that connects you to WI is all of us 🙂
    Enjoy Australia and TELL ME EVERYTHING – that’s our NEXT big plan!! P.S. did u get the email about the connection I have for u in Mongolia? Let me know if not and I’ll resend; have a great time down under!!

  9. Margaret Trissel says:

    No post since the 24th…Hope all is well with the world travelers!!

  10. Karen says:

    Thanks for the congrats everyone! We have been busy beach bums in Australia with very spotty internet service. In a few days we’ll be in a big city and will tell you all about staying in a camper van, diving the Great Barrier Reef and holding a koala.

    Cheers Mates!

    Karen and Ken

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