Traditional Japanese style

Checking into our first traditional Japanese accommodations takes us a bit out of our comfort zones.

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15 Responses to Traditional Japanese style

  1. Chef Jim says:

    Good job on the censoring! LOL!

  2. Laura says:

    I think you are turning JAPANESE… can you hear it now? The song? Stuck in your head?

    Did you get bananas and little weird jelly candy at the hotel too?

    I love it!

    • Karen says:


      I cannot stop singing that song!!!! I really don’t have it in me to turn Japanese. I could never be that cute and quiet.

      No jelly candies yet. Just mochi, stretchy rice cakes with sweet bean paste.


  3. Susan Retzer says:

    You guys are awesome. Isnt it great that laptops (with video editing/graphics software) are so compact? I love it that you are giving these video updates. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Chad Langhoff says:

    I love your videos. You guys are so funny! Thanks for posting consistently and I can’t wait to see what your next adventure will be.

  5. Jimmy Gee says:

    Who knew Ken’s and exhibitionist? The world is stunned! Stunned! LOL

    P.S My back hurts for you both!

  6. Christine McDuffie says:

    Awesome video thanks for sharing

  7. Kathy Ehley says:

    You guys are so cute! I love that you are sharing this with all of us.

  8. Dee Braaksma says:

    That was really fun! I could use a nice hot bath just about now!

  9. John Humphriss says:

    Note to self: Discontinue sharing tidbits of Ken & Karen’s around-the-world trip with the kids. I had no idea it was PG-13. Nobody needs to see Ken disrobe…literally.

    • Ken says:

      Your kids are learning valuable lessons about the big, wide world (or maybe just being irreversibly traumatized). Never fear: we’re off to Australia next, where the people are a bit more modest, and our posts should feature a greater percentage of cuddly animals like wallabies and wombats.

      Like this guy…

  10. Masako Shimada says:

    I like Mt. Fuji ( Fuji-san, san means mountain.) Onsen, Yukata, Tatami…
    By the way, we don’t take off our clothes in front of a video camera. haha

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